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Job Description

Rec Sports Program- Intramural Sports Official

JOB TITLE: Intramural Sports Official

WAGE RATE: $7.50 per hour

SUPERVISOR: Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports

JOB FUNCTION: Responsible for officiating league and tournament games.

HOURS: 6 - 15 hours per week

DURATION: Minimum 1 year commitment


  1. Officiate a variety of intramural sports including basketball, flag football, soccer, and volleyball.
  2. Perform event set-ups and game management.
  3. Manage player behavior and adherence to rules/regulations governing games.
  4. Perform scorekeeping.
  5. Maintain professionalism in appearance and attitude.
  6. Continue to increase in knowledge and competency as a Campus Recreation employee.
  7. Be willing to educate, model, and monitor policies.
  8. Be able to perform emergency action procedures in the event of an emergency.


  1. Be able to be in an active environment.


  1. Possess a passion for working with people.
  2. Be comfortable with stretching yourself and keeping a positive attitude.


  1. Enrolled in 6 or more credits per semester.
  2. Adult First Aid/CPR with AED*

*Campus Recreation provides this training to all employees at no charge.


  1. Able to work on weekends and week day nights.
  2. Basic knowledge of sport rules.