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5 Reasons you should attend a Campus Recreation Kayak Session

5 Reasons you should attend a Campus Recreation Kayak Session

Campus Recreation is on a mission to “Take Back RECess” and recently I, along with a few of my friends, got my feet wet and spent some time at the Student Recreation Center’s Kayak Roll Session.  We had a blast, learned a few things that we wanted to share with other Boise State Univeristy students.

#1 – Try something new
Campus Recreation always hosts fun and exciting events! There are many free and affordable opportunities for students to get involved and try something new.


#2 – Develop a new skill
Do you like to acquire new skills?  Then why not learn kayaking?  Campus Recreation usually offers a whitewater kayaking basics teaching clinic every semester where you can learn the basics. This session only costs $10. When participating in our session, we learned all the different sizes of kayaks, how to adjust a kayak, how to do a “wet exit” out of your kayak, how to get back up from the water with your paddle, and many more skills. We even got to play around with the kayak in the pool.


#3 – You connect with the outdoor program community!
The Outdoor Program is part of a vibrant recreation community. Everyone is nice and welcoming. You meet fun, diverse and interesting people through all of the different programs and trips you attend.  The Outdoor Program offers adventurous ways to get involved and meet friendly Broncos! If you already have previous whitewater kayak experience and can perform a “wet exit”, the open Kayak Pool Sessions are a great way to meet other kayakers, they are offered multiple times a semester, and they are free.

#4 – You get out of your comfort zone!
Step out of your comfort zone, get your adrenaline pumping, and try a sport that challenges you. The Recreation Center’s kayak class provides a chance to test your abilities in a safe environment while learning how to navigate the many rivers of Idaho.


#5 – You develop a new passion for the outdoors!
If you live in Idaho, consider exploring all that this area has to offer!  Learning to kayak will spark a new passion for adventure in you. Plus, there are tons of rivers near the Boise area where you can go and put your new skills to work. We know if you try one Outdoor Program, you will want to try them all. Your adventures are just beginning.

Now you know five reasons you should attend one of the Rec Center’s Kayak Sessions. Once you learn about this amazing sport, you may wonder where you can kayak. In Idaho, the answer is “just about anywhere.”  You can start out by kayaking at Quinn’s Pond right here in Boise. For more advanced kayaking, head out to the Boise River or even the Payette River.  If you don’t own a kayak, that is okay.  You can rent one from the Outdoor Program Rental Center on campus.  The rental process is quick and easy, then all you have to do is strap the kayak to the top of your car and roll out (literally).

by student writers: Andee Pena, John Durose, Jonathon Johnson, Kaitlyn Schnierer, and Vanessa Ventresco.

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