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Take Back RECess this winter

Take Back RECess this winter

img_3560 Boise State University Students on a night skiing trip

As the leaves start falling, Boise State University students realize winter is around the corner. But, just because warm weather is going away does not mean you have to stop playing outside. There are so many outdoor activities you can do in the winter, like snowboarding and skiing. Where can you go snowboarding or skiing with your friends and other students? One of Boise’s favorites, BOGUS BASIN! Bogus is one the most popular mountain recreation areas in southern Idaho!

Right now, Bogus has a sweet deal on season passes for full-time students. If FIVE or more friends ride up to Bogus together, show them your class schedule, then you can buy your season pass for $149 each. That’s half the price of the regular $299 student pass!

For all the solo riders, you can get $100 off the regular day season pass for just $199.

This deal is only offered until October 31st! So load up your friends in the car, fill up on gas and head over to their main office in Boise. Details are on the Bogus Basin website.

If you’re in need of some equipment before shredding the slopes — the Boise State Campus Recreation Outdoor Rental Center has you covered. You’re able to rent any winter equipment you may need from ski jackets to snowboards with prices ranging from $2 – $16 for students. The Outdoor Program offers night skiing trips during the school year and they are having a sale on gear October 15th, so check that out as well.

by student writers: Andee Pena, John Durose, Jonathon Johnson, Kaitlyn Schnierer, and Vanessa Ventresco.

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