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Taking Back RECess in the Winter

Taking Back RECess in the Winter

By: Campus Recreation Staff

bogus ski nightEven though winter is still dishing Boise State University students some harsh weather, don’t let that keep you from exploring the snow-covered mountains.

Luckily, Campus Recreation has you covered. If you’re a new snowboarder or skier, here’s some tips and tricks to help you hit the slopes. Hopefully, they help you this season as you get ready to climb the mountain up to Bogus Basin!

Student Discounts
Everyone likes a deal! Bogus Basin works with students to offer $149 season passes for full-time Boise State University students, $199 for those solo riders, or $89 for the night owls. Whether you’re new to the slopes, trying to find something new, Bogus has something for you.

For more information visit:

Easy Access
A popular choice for many students, Bogus Basin is only 20 miles from campus. Offering 2600 skiable acres, 9 total lifts, 3 Terrain Parks, and 12-13 hour days, it is a good break from those chaotic college schedules! Follow the map, throw on some tunes, and you are good to go!

bogus map

Rentals at the Rec Center
The Rec Center offers rentals for students, from snow jackets, snowboards, and skis, to help you shred this winter! For more information check out the Rental Center website.

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