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A Sedentary Student’s Guide to Moving More

A Sedentary Student’s Guide to Moving More

By: Campus Recreation Staff

Sedentary: tending to spend much time seated; somewhat inactive.
Between classes, working, extracurricular activities, and getting enough sleep to keep you functional, it’s hard to find time or even the energy to stay active as students at Boise State. You don’t need to run a marathon or bench 600 pounds, but instead, add these simple changes into your daily life to get on your feet.
Here are some tips that can help you get moving when the semester requires you to sit on your bum until May.

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1. Walk to campus.  

Live too far away? Opt for a commuter parking spot. It won’t just be easier on your wallet, but it will require you to walk your way to class. Try your best to avoid the shuttle if you can (weather permitting).

2. Leave a bike on campus.  

Walking isn’t your thing or always running late? Hate having to navigate through the quad? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. By leaving a bike on campus, your two wheels will be easy to access without the hassle of bringing it back and forth.

Don’t have a bike? Rent one for the semester for only $120 from the Cycle Learning Center right under Lincoln Garage. This rental includes a U-Lock, front and rear lights, free maintenance and labor, and 24-hour access to the covered Bike Barn inside Lincoln Garage.

3. Take a lap!

When studying in the library, take a sanity break and take a lap around the library every 45 minutes. Walk up to a different floor, get lost, and try to be back in your chair before 10 minutes. By allowing for yourself what I call a “mental sanity break,” you will feel refreshed and focused when you return to your studies. This healthy outlet is free!

4. Take the stairs.

Yes, seriously, even in the Education building! Based on every women’s fitness magazine, 2017 has officially been dubbed the Year of the Booty (by “officially”, I mean by me, but I think this could catch on).  Give yours a workout by taking the stairs. This habit helps work your glutes and acts as a full leg exercise.  It will also help build strength and mobility. By taking the stairs every time you go to class, you’re more likely to be out of breath when you make it to the third floor!

LEGAL NOTE: These tips won’t give you a six pack, but hopefully a little extra blood flow will help keep you focused and maybe, just maybe, motivate you enough to walk into the Rec Center.

Let’s make a promise to ourselves to try to get moving this semester, even if it’s just a little. Get movin’ Broncos!

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