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Stayin’ Alive During Finals Week

Stayin’ Alive During Finals Week

Finals week is that time of the semester when stress levels rise and we forget to take care of ourselves. Here are some stress busters to keep you on track.Puppy pointing at camera: You got this

  1. When you need to recharge your brain, do 10 jumping jacks. Movement gets your endorphins flowing and will help you wake up.
  1. Try these simple stretches to ease muscle tension from sitting hunched over books or laptops.
  1. Take a break and walk a couple of laps around your study area. Once the blood starts flowing, you’ll perk right up.
  1. Staying up until 4 a.m. studying is not effective or healthy. Sleep deprivation can impair your cognition, memory, and overall functioning. Try going to bed early so you can wake up early to finish studying when your brain is rested.
  1. Pace yourself during finals week and take a recess from studying. Check the drop-in schedule at Campus Recreation and make some time for yourself. A nice, 50-minute yoga break will help you get through that last exam or project.

Those are just five easy ways to reduce stress: jump, stretch, walk, sleep and RECess. Give yourself a break, breathe, relax and set aside some time to visit Campus Recreation for a workout. If all that fails, then it’s okay to call your momma or BFF and vent.  Stay healthy and best of luck during finals.  Go Broncos!

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