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Rodeo Champion Finds a Home at Boise State University

Rodeo Champion Finds a Home at Boise State University

Wyatt Williams recalls the day he won a champion title at the national high school finals rodeo. He competed second in tie-down roping and had to watch three others compete to beat his time. Williams tells everyone that it was the longest wait of his life. When the competition was over, his younger brother ran across the entire arena to meet him. He remembers the incredible feeling of placing first and his brother being the first to share that moment with him.

Williams has been roping since he was three years old. He grew up in a rodeo family. His father competed professionally, and both parents competed at the national finals. In fact, his mother was pregnant with him while roping. Before he was born, the rodeo was a huge part of his life. His family now lives in Glenns Ferry, Idaho, a one-hour drive from Boise.

Williams competed during high school, but rodeo wasn’t his only sport. As a sophomore, he became the quarterback of the Gooding High School football team. He ended his senior year as Times-News Large School Player of the Year for 2015 and landed a berth in the 3A state championship game. He also was a key player on Gooding’s varsity basketball team. Along with all those accomplishments, Williams ended his 2016 rodeo season with that national champion title in tie-down roping.

After his successful high school athletic career, he eventually had to choose between football and rodeo.

“It was easy to choose rodeo. I can push myself to however far I want to go. It’s on me.”

Williams chose to attend Boise State University instead of leaving Idaho. He knew Boise State is a good school but didn’t have much of a rodeo team. Williams is currently Boise State’s only Rodeo Club member. He explained that as a skilled and determined individual, he could do his own thing with rodeo and still be close to his family.

Williams has found Boise to be a supportive place to attend school.

I love that the community is so engaged with the school and everything that is going on with Boise State. Boise has so many different things to offer that it makes finding the right path super easy. The classes are great and it is a great school.”

Williams’s mother had a bright orange vest with the Bronco head made for him. He definitely stands out among his competitors. Williams likes to compete and entertain, so standing out doesn’t scare him.

He enjoys performing in front of thousands of people. Williams said,

“When everything goes right, it’s amazing. When everything goes wrong, you want to crawl into a hole. It definitely has its ups and downs.”

After completing his associate degree by the end of high school, he chose communications as his major. He hopes to focus on his roping and graduate by 2019. In his perfect world, he will soon become a world champion tie-down roper.

Williams is well on his way to that goal.

In his most recent competition, the Northwest Regional College Rodeo, he won the championship in tie-down roping. He qualified for the College National Finals Rodeo, which will take place in June in Casper, Idaho.

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