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Strive to Thrive

Strive to Thrive

Strive to Thrive

La Nina has arrived fashionably late to Boise. It’s tough to stay healthy and focus on those pesky New Year’s goals when it’s cold outside. It gets even harder when you have constants deadlines and a tight budget. Here are four ways you can stay on track with your health.

Eat properly — that means breakfast, too

We’ve all been there, you wake up late for class and have to scramble to get out the door. There’s no way you have time to scramble an egg, too.

  • Have a healthy plan for mornings that you know you will be short on time.
  • Prepare healthy meals for the week; reusable freezer containers are ideal.
  • Eat something fast and easy to prepare, like Overnight Oats or Protein Balls

Exercise for 30 minutes a day 

You are built to move, and you probably don’t move enough. Other than walking to class, you likely sit for good portion of your day. You wake up, go class, sit down, wander to the dining hall, sit and eat, then to library where you sit and study, and finally go home to watch some Netflix. Get up and get moving, even if you don’t like to “work out” in the traditional sense. The REC Center at Boise State offers plenty of options to get you up and moving, from  the swimming pool to the rock wall or basketball courts.

Celebrate your achievements

Your hard work and goal achievement shouldn’t go unnoticed. For each goal you have, create small milestones to mark your progress and work toward a measurable end. Once you have hit the end point, reward yourself with something fitness-related to keep you on track. Reaching a goal is a perfect opportunity to treat yourself with those running shoes you’ve been dreaming about. This helps motivate you on days when the gym doesn’t sound as fun as it usually does.

Try new workouts

Just like you’re built to move, you’re prone to boredom. When you hit a plateau, it’s time to switch things up. Thankfully, there are many resources out there to help you, like signing up for a new fitness class.

The REC Center’s classes are free to full-time students. Try out something different, like spin, TRX, or yoga. Classes are guided by an instructor who can help you learn new skills and venture outside of your comfort zone. Check out the REC Center’s schedule to see their full list of classes.

Life can be hectic, but you can stay on top of your goals at the REC Center. The friendly and knowledgeable staff  can help you find your fitness passion. Swing by and see what we can offer you. Feel free to leave tips or suggestions for other REC Center users below.

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