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Body & Skill Assessments

The REC offers a variety of skill and fitness tests to assess your body’s health and ability.

Body Composition Appointment

Body composition refers to the relative percentages of body weight comprised of fat mass, and fat-free or lean body mass. Testing this consists of a quick and easy three-site pinch test using skin fold calipers. Participants leave with an explanation sheet of body composition and guidelines for healthy ranges

Duration: 5-10 minutes
Registration: Service Desk
Fee: $5 for Members, $10 for Non-Members. Fee must be paid at the service desk prior to testing. Once you have paid, the Graduate Assistant for Fitness will be notified and he will schedule you an appointment

Fitness Assessment

Determining the level of your personal fitness is imperative to designing an exercise program that will fit your specific needs. A fitness test is also a great way to establish a baseline which you can later measure your progress against. Whether you’re not sure where to start or just want to see how far you’ve come, a fitness test with one of our certified trainers can help you find the answer. Register at the Service Desk.

This Fitness Assessment tests many different aspects of your fitness, from body fat testing, cardio-respiratory assessments, movement assessments, and MORE! This 60 minute assessment will help determine your strength points and growth points in your own personal fitness.

Duration: 60 minutes
Registration: Service Desk
Fee: $29-Member, $49-Non-member
Contact: (208) 426-1131

Belay Skills Assessments

To verify belay skill competence, all climbers must successfully complete a Belay Skills Assessment. Belay Skills Assessments must be done annually by all climbers using the gym.  You must wait at least one day after you have taken the Basic Skills class to take your assessment. This assessment is expires the day before classes start each fall.

Days: Daily
Time: During open roped hours
Fee: $5