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Custom Climbing Programs

The Outdoor Program is able to provide a custom climbing gym program for your group. We can offer educational programs, team building activities, or bring them in to climb and we take care of the rest. Just submit a request through our form and we will be in touch with you soon.


Intro to Climbing Class

We offer free Intro to Climbing Class each Monday and Tuesday during the Fall and Spring Semesters to ensure all climbers utilizing the gym have access to proper instruction.  Each class is limited to 6 participants. We will teach you parts and pieces of gear, figure 8 follow through knot, how to belay, communicate, and how to keep safety a top priority in the Climbing Gym. Be sure to arrive early to fill out your waiver and save your spot in line.

Dates: Monday and Tuesday (Fall and Spring Semester)

Belay Skills Assessments

Those that would like to belay in our climbing gym need to pass an annual belay skills assessment. We will enforce a two attempt policy. If you cannot pass the Belay Competency Assessment you will need to pay another $5. Those that have taken the Intro to Climbing Class need to wait at least one day before taking the assessment.

Dates: Daily
Time: During open roped hours
Fee: $5
Expires: Day before fall semester starts

Lead Climbing Clinic

If you’re ready to take your recess to the next level this is right up your alley.  This clinic teaches the basics of lead climbing in our gym. We will cover clipping, belaying, falls, and communication. If you already know how to lead climb you can test out with our gym staff during roped hours but be sure to bring your own climbing rope.

Dates and Times: Refer to Trip and Clinic Schedule
Registration deadline: 
Sign in at the climbing gym desk and then pay at the front desk to secure your spot. Arrive 15 minutes early. First come first serve. Max of 6 participants.

Become a Route Setter

We are always looking for volunteers to set routes in our gym. This is a great way to get involved with the climbing gym and help us to keep the routes fresh and fun! If you are interested please fill out this form and our Lead Route Setter will be in touch with you soon. No experience or equipment necessary.

Climbing Gym Rates

Member Guest (General Day Guest Pass)$6 (tax included)
Climbing Shoes Semester Pass$20
Climbing Shoes Day Only$3
Harness and Belay Device RentalFree- Check in with Climbing Wall Desk
Basic Skills ClinicFree- Sign Up at Climbing Wall Desk
Lead Climbing Clinic$5 (tax included)
Belay Check Test and Lead Climbing Check Test $5 (two attempts)