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Work in Fitness

Interested in becoming a Personal Trainer?

Love fitness and want to share your passion for living a healthy lifestyle with others? Personal training may be the career choice for you!

  • Why become a personal trainer?

    • I want to help people to live healthier lifestyles
    • I want to make my own lifestyle into a career, or supplement my income with something I enjoy
    • I want to teach people about the body and what it’s capable of
    • I want to have a positive impact on people’s lives
    • I want to love my job

    Woman balancing on one leg while working out with her trainer

    What do personal trainers at Campus Recreation do?

    The personal trainers at Campus Rec have the fitness knowledge and education to put together a safe and effective workout program designed specifically for their client’s needs. Here’s a look at some of the tasks a personal trainer might take on while training at Campus Rec:

    • Design and Implement Training Programs
    • Drop in Body Composition
    • Fitness Assessments
    • Standardized Fitness Tests
    • Stay up to date on the latest research and trends
    • Buddy Training
    • Communicate with Doctors and Physicians

    How do I become a personal trainer?

    To become a personal trainer, one has to be certified through one of the following nationally recognized certifications and hold a High School Diploma as well as a CPR/AED certification. Click on one of the following links below to learn more.

    (ACSM), American College of Sports Medicine

    Study Aids: Yes
    Exam: Taken on location
    Cost: $219 to $279
    Prerequisites: A high school diploma or equivalent, 18 years of age and a current adult CPR certification
    Accredited: Accredited by NCCA

    (NASM), National Academy of Sports Medicine

    Study Aids: Yes
    Exam: Exam taken on location
    Cost: $549
    Prerequisites: Must be 18 tears old and have current CPR/AED certification
    Accredited: Accredited by NCCA

    (ACE), American Council on Exercise

    Study Aids: Yes
    Exam: Exam taken on location or online (cost is extra)
    Cost: $219 to $249
    Prerequisites: 18 years old, CPR/AED certified
    Accredited: Accredited by NCCA

  • Large group doing yoga on the blue turf of Albertsons Stadium

    Interested in becoming a Group Fitness Instructor?

    Group Fitness Instructors are energetic, empowering and motivating people who love to get the crowd jazzed about moving! If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, keep reading!

    Why become a Group Fitness Instructor?

    • I want to motivate people to get moving!
    • I want to create a safe and encouraging environment for people
    • I want to be a part of a social atmosphere
    • I want to educate others about the benefits and fun of fitness

    What do Group Fitness Instructors do at Campus Recreation?

    • Teach a variety of fitness formats for students, faculty/staff, alumni and more
    • Be a part of a team that is continuing learning more about the world of fitness
    • Work with like-minded people and get to share ideas
    • Create and be a part of special events and workshops to spread the word about fitness even further!

    How do I become a Group Fitness Instructor?

    If you’re interested in becoming a Group Fitness Instructor, check out the websites below! Each format is unique and requires a specific certification and these are only a handful of formats out there in fitness world!

    If you’re interested in obtaining a general Group Exercise certification and wanting to teach classes like Lift and Abs and Glutes head over to ACE and look into the Group Exercise Certification.

    Want to encourage participants to let loose and shake it? Check out Zumba!

    Love PiYo, Turbokick and INSANITY? Head over to Beachbody!

    Want to teach TRX? Check the TRX website to see when a training is coming to a place near you!