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Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports Registration

What Are Intramural Sports?

Intramurals Sports are designed to engage the campus community in various sports throughout the academic year. The sports provide competition on campus for the recreational and competitive athlete. For more information about playing, please check the FAQ’s.

  • Schedule

  • How To Play

    How to Create an IMLeagues Account

    How to Create a Team

    How to Become a Free Agent

    How to Make an Online Bracket Selection

    How to Reserve an Intramural Golf Tee Time

  • Intramural Sport Jobs

    Looking for a fun, active and exciting work environment? Join the Intramural Sports team!  The Intramural Sports program employs 25-30 student employees throughout the school year to officiate, supervise, monitor and run the intramural program.

    Want to become an official?  Complete the Campus Recreation Employment Application by clicking below!

    Application Deadlines

    Application DeadlineStart DateFirst Sport
    August 20th, 2018September 3rd, 2018Flag Football
    September 21st, 2018October 16th, 20186v6 Volleyball / Indoor Soccer
    October 31st, 2018January 14th, 20194v4 Volleyball / 5v5 Basketball

    Intramural Official Position Duties

    1. Officiate a variety of intramural sports including basketball, flag football, soccer, volleyball and assist with other sports/events as needed.
    2. Act as a main point of contact for over 2,000 individual participants.
    3. Ensure participation safety by having a strong knowledge of rules, policies and procedures as well as proper field set up and game management.
    4. Provide exceptional customer service to participants by having strong communication while also interacting with players in a respectful, cooperative manner.
    5. Maintain a professional appearance and attitude throughout games.
    6. Properly respond to emergencies by following the department’s Emergence Action Procedures.
    7. Assist with promotion of intramural sports/events through tabling and other marketing strategies.
    8. Assist with other duties as assigned (may result in help with other departments within Campus Recreation)

  • Managers Manual

    To view the Intramural Sports Policies and Procedures, download the 2018-2019 Intramural Sports Manager’s Manual (PDF).  The 2018-2019 Manager’s Manual outlines the policies and procedures that will be followed to ensure a fun, safe, and competitive environment.

    Forfeit Policy

    A team who fails to appear at their scheduled contest or are unable to produce enough players to field a team according to the rules of the involved sport will be assessed a forfeit.  A 5-minute grace period from the scheduled start time will be allowed before a forfeit is declared if there is at least one player present from the team under the minimum player requirement. The supervisor’s watch is the official time for all contests.  A forfeited contest will result in a Sportsmanship Rating of 0.

    If a team is assessed a forfeit during league or tournament play, the team manager will be fined a $30 forfeit fee. The fee must be paid in full at the Customer Service Desk inside of the Student Recreation Center.

    Default Policy

    Should a team be unable to participate in a scheduled contest, a default shall be assessed when a team contacts the Intramural Sports Office at no later than 12:00PM (noon) the day of the game. A defaulted contest will result in a 3 Sportsmanship Rating and will not eliminate the team from playoff contention.

  • Bronco Championship SeriesBronco Championship Series PDF

    The Bronco Championship Series was developed to reward greek teams for participation, sportsmanship, and winning over the course of the year. Teams that maintain the same team name throughout the year will accumulate points as indicated in the guidelines. Greek teams earn points by having fraternity/sorority teams participate in their respective leagues or signing up for individual sports/events. The organization with the most points accumulated throughout the school year will be declared the Bronco Championship Series Champion!

    For additional information on how points will be awarded, please check out the Bronco Championship Series (PDF).

    2018-2019 Standings

    IFC Bronco Championship SeriesTotal Points
    Alpha Kappa Lambda0
    Alpha Tau Omega0
    Delta Sigma Phi0
    Delta Upsilon0
    Kappa Sigma0
    Lambda Theta Phi0
    Pi Kappa Phi0
    Sigma Chi0
    Sigma Lambda Beta0

    PHC Bronco Championship SeriesTotal Points
    Alpha Chi Omega0
    Alpha Gamma Delta0
    Alpha Omicron Pi0
    Alpha Pi Sigma0
    Alpha Sigma Alpha0
    Alpha Xi Delta0
    Delta Delta Delta0
    Lambda Theta Alpha0
    Sigma Lambda Gamma0
    Zeta Tau Alpha0

    Standings Last Updated on: 7/12/2018

    Previous Champions

    2017-2018Kappa SigmaAlpha Xi Delta

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What are Intramural Sports?

    A. Intramural sports are designed to engage the campus community in sports. We offer 25+ sports/events that vary from Basketball, Water-Polo, Ping Pong, Bowling and more! You will have the opportunity to play in a league or tournament against other students, faculty, and staff.

    Q. Who is eligible to play Intramural Sports?

    A. Any current Boise State student, faculty/staff, spouses/partners, and alumni are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports, as long as they maintain a current Campus Recreation membership. Further guidelines are available for professional and collegiate athletes.

    Q. How do I register for Intramural Sports?

    A. Registration for Intramural Sports is taken at  All participants must create a personal account and create/join a roster to participate! Simply find the sport you would like to participate in and register your team!

    Q. I want to play a sport but cant build a complete team.  What should I do?

    A. Becoming a Free Agent is a great option for individuals that want to play but may not be able to get enough players for an entire team. The Intramural Program does not place Free Agents on teams but they will help individuals looking to find a team by sharing teams that need additional roster members. Teams that know they need additional players are suggested to check “Looking For Free Agents” while completing the registration process.

    Q. How do I get a job with Intramural Sports? Do I need prior experience?

    A.Start by filling out an application. No prior experience needed, just your enthusiasm for sports!

    Q. How long does an intramural league last?

    A. Each sport may have a different format but our “League Sports” will consist of a 4 week regular season followed by a single elimination tournament.  A typical “League Sport” season will last 5 to 6 weeks, depending on how far you advance in the tournament.  We also offer Single-Day events that will be played on one day.  

    Q. Who do I contact if I have further questions?

    A. Please contact the Intramural Sports office at  if you have any further questions!