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Intramural Sports

What Are Intramural Sports?

Intramurals Sports are designed to engage the campus community in various sports throughout the academic year. The sports provide competition on campus for the recreational and competitive athlete. For more information about playing, please check the FAQ’s.

Join an intramural team

  • Spring 2017 Schedule

    Sport (Division)Registration PeriodPlay BeginsFeeManagers Meeting
    Playoff Meeting
    5 on 5 Basketball League(M, W, C)Jan. 9 - 16Jan. 22$60/ TeamWed, Jan. 18, 1:30pmThurs, Feb. 16, 1:30pm
    4 on 4 Volleyball League (M, W, C)Jan. 9 - 16Jan. 22$60/ TeamWed, Jan. 18, 1:00pmThurs, Feb. 16, 1:00pm
    Bowling League(O)Jan. 9 - 23Feb. 1$30/ TeamWed, Jan. 25, 1:30pmThurs, Mar. 1, 12:00pm
    DodgeballTournament(C)Feb. 13 - 27Mar. 2FREEWed, Mar. 1, 12:00pmN/A
    Ping Pong Tournament(M, W)Feb. 13 - 27Mar. 5$5/ PersonWed, Mar. 1, 12:15pmN/A
    Kickball League(C)Feb. 13 - 27Mar. 5$30/TeamWed, Mar. 1, 12:30pmThurs, Apr. 6, 12:30pm
    4 on 4 Flag Football League(M, W, C)Feb. 13 - 27Mar. 5$60/ TeamWed, Mar. 1, 1:00pmThurs, Apr. 6, 1:00pm
    Soccer League (C)Feb. 13 - 27Mar. 5$60/ TeamWed, Mar. 1, 1:30pmThurs, Apr. 6, 12:30pm
    Ultimate Frisbee Tournament(C)Mar. 20 - Apr. 3Apr. 8$20/ TeamWed, Apr. 5, 12:30pmN/A
    Softball Tournament(C)Mar. 27 - Apr. 10Apr. 15$30/ TeamWed, Apr. 12, 1:30pmN/A
    Golf Classic(M,W)Apr. 3 - 17Apr. 21$30/ TeamWed, April 19, 1:30pmN/A

    O = Open
    C = Co-Rec
    M = Men’s
    W = Women’s

  • Intramural Cup

    The Intramural Cup was developed to reward teams for participation, sportsmanship, and winning over the course of the year. Teams that maintain the same team name throughout the year will accumulate points as indicated in the guidelines. Teams earn points by having a maximum of one men’s, one women’s, and one co-rec team per sport or signing up a max of two individuals for individual sports. The team that accumulates the most points by the end of the year gets their team name engraved on the Intramural Cup plaque, which is hung in the Student Recreation Center. Along with the plaque, the winning team also receives up to twenty (20) custom Intramural Cup champion t-shirts. The points system is laid out in the Intramural Cup Guidelines.

    Intramural Cup Guidelines

    If you have any questions or comments about the Intramural Cup, please contact Brandon Ohr at (208) 426-5670 or

  • Managers Manual

    Download the Manager’s Manual

    Forfeit Policy

    A team who fails to appear at their scheduled contest or is unable to produce enough players to field a team according to the rules of the involved sport will be assessed a forfeit. A 5-minute grace period from the scheduled starting time will be allowed before a forfeit is declared. The supervisor’s watch is the official time for all contests.

    If a team is assessed a forfeit during team league play, the team manager will be fined a $30 forfeit fee. If a team is assessed a forfeit during tournament play, the team manager will be fined a $20 forfeit fee. The fee must be paid in full at the Service Desk. If the forfeit fee has not been paid within 30 days of the forfeit, the team manager’s Campus Recreation pass will be suspended until the fine is paid in full. A team’s second forfeit will result in a team being dropped from the league and postseason play.

    Any questions, please contact Brandon Ohr, at (208) 426-5670 or

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What are Intramural Sports?

    A. Intramural sports are designed to engage the campus community in sports. You will have the opportunity to play in a league or tournament against other students, faculty, and staff.

    Q. Who is eligible to play Intramural Sports?

    A. Any current Boise State student, faculty/staff, spouses/partners, and alumni are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports, as long as they maintain a current Campus Recreation membership. Further guidelines are available for professional and collegiate athletes.

    Q. How do I get a job with Intramural Sports? Do I need prior experience?

    A.Start by filling out an application. No prior experience needed, just your enthusiasm for sports!

    Q. How long does an intramural league last?

    A. Each team plays one game per week for four weeks followed by the playoffs. A typical league last between five to six weeks long depending on far a team goes in the playoffs.