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Patron Attire Policy

In order to minimize the spread of bacteria and help keep our patrons healthy and active, shirts and shoes are required throughout the facility. Shirts must cover, at a minimum, your sides/torso and midriff. Sports bras must be covered by a shirt of some type.

Footwear requirements: Non-marking shoes are required on all wood floors (i.e. basketball and racquetball courts, the group exercise studio, and multi-purpose rooms). Sandals, clogs, and other open shoes are not permitted in the cardiovascular and strength areas. Minimalist shoes (e.g., Vibram Five Finger shoes and other similar shoes) are now permitted to be worn throughout the Student Recreation Center. Patrons choosing to wear minimalist shoes while using the Student Recreation Center do so at their own risk. Campus Recreation staff reserves the right to determine if footwear is not appropriate for use.

Because of increased risk of injury, it is recommended that jewelry be removed prior to participating in any activities or before utilizing any equipment in the fitness areas. Please remember that jewelry is not permitted in any Intramural Sport contest. Jeans or other pants/shorts with rivets are not allowed on any equipment.

In the Aquatic Complex clean, appropriate, and proper swim attire is required. Acceptable attire includes a swim suit of some kind. Athletic shorts and sports bras are not considered swim attire. Swim caps are not required, but recommended if you have a lot of hair. Your hair tends to absorb a lot of water and becomes very heavy and might make moving through the water more difficult.

Specific appropriate and inappropriate clothing choices include:


  • Shirts must be worn in all areas with the exception of the locker rooms and in the Aquatic Complex.
  • Shirts must fully cover the sides/torso and midriff. Below are examples of appropriate and inappropriate shirts.
Appropriate Inappropriate
Short and long sleeved t-shirts, tank tops, and sleeveless shirts Sports bras, short tank tops, and shirts cut with large arm holes


  • Shorts may be worn anywhere within the facility.
Appropriate Inappropriate
Shorts that expose the legs while still fully covering the buttocks, genitals, and pubic region Shorts that do not fully cover the buttocks, genitals, and pubic region


  • Athletic or sport specific shoes (e.g., climbing shoes) must be worn in all activity areas.
  • An exception is allowed for users participating in facilitated mind/body group exercise classes, those in the locker rooms and Aquatic Complex.
  • Shoes worn on any wood floor must have a non-marking sole.
Appropriate Inappropriate
Closed-toed and closed-heeled athletic or sport/activity specific shoes that have non-marking soles (Minimalist shoes that meet this criteria are allowed.) Sandals, high-heeled shoes, flip-flops, and clogs (Exception-users of the Aquatic Complex and Climbing Gym)

Appropriate Swim Attire

  • Users are required to wear clothing designed and manufactured for swim-specific activities in any of the Aquatic Complex pools.
Appropriate Inappropriate
One- and two-piece bathing suits, board shorts, wet suits, and rash guards that cover the buttocks, genitals, pubic region, and breasts for females. Clean mesh athletic shorts may be worn over a manufactured swimsuit that meets aforementioned guidelines for appropriateness. Street clothes, sports bras, undergarments, cotton shorts, cotton shirts, jeans, and any see-through swimwear

Download attire policy PDF.