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Membership Affiliation Process

Boise State Campus Recreation memberships and day passes are available for purchase only by patrons who are currently affiliated with the university. Proof of a valid identification of the affiliation is required prior to purchase.


  • Students
  • Student Spouses
  • Boise State Community Members
  • University Associates

Past students, graduated students, students not enrolled for the current term, past faculty/staff (unless gained Emeriti status), or expired Boise State associations are not eligible to purchase a membership or day pass. Affiliation must be current at the time of purchase.

Unsure of your affiliation or unable to find your affiliation, please contact


Verification of affiliation is also required by members and must be examined and approved prior to a membership sale. Campus Recreation staff will ask for a Boise State affiliation and identity documents. Each affiliation verification process varies depending on affiliation type. A membership will be canceled if verification is false or has expired at the time of purchase.


  • Boise State ID Card + Student class schedule with the number of credits visible

Boise State Community Members: Faculty, Staff, Emeriti, Associates

  • Boise State Faculty/Staff ID Card
  • Emeriti ID card
  • Boise State Affiliation ID card
  • Associated Boise State ID Card

*Associates/Affiliates are eligible to purchase a membership at the Boise State Community rate, but must first go through the Affiliation Verification process. This Affiliate Verification Form is used to verify your affiliation to Boise State in order to gain approval to purchase a day pass or membership to Boise State’s Rec Center. Please allow two business days to complete the approval process. If approved, the patron will receive an email with the approval letter. The letter must be printed and presented to a Campus Recreation staff member to process the sale. If more information is needed, the Membership Coordinator will reach out for the appropriate information.   For an updated list of our current associates, visit our recognized associates’ page.


  • The spouse affiliated with Boise State must be present with their spouse purchasing the pass at the time of sale

Friends of Boise State Members: Alumni Association, President’s Club, and Varsity B

  • Alumni Association Card
  • Varsity B Card
  • President’s Club Card
  • Proof of membership purchased; i.e. receipt


Non-Affiliated members can purchase a Campus Recreation membership only after becoming associated with the University through purchasing a membership with the Alumni Association or with Varsity B. Another option is to be the guest of a current Rec Member and pay for the $ 6-day pass.