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What are the hours of operation for the Aquatic Complex?

The Aquatic Complex is open the same time as the Student Recreation Center. We do close an hour or two (depending on the day of the week) earlier so that you have time to change out of your wet swim suit and can go home comfortably. Please check our Pool Schedule for the current pool schedule.

How many different pools are in the Aquatic Complex?

There are three (3) distinct bodies of water:
  • Multi-purpose Pool: This is a 6 lane standard rectangular pool. The pool is 25 yards in length.
  • Rec Pool: This is more of a casual play space. We have water volleyball, basketball, and other fun features.
  • Spa: This spa seats approximately 12 people and is a great hang out.

Do you have a hot tub?

Yes, we sure do! The hot tub seats approximately 12 people.

How long is the lap pool?

Our Multi-purpose pool is 25 yards in length.

How deep are the pools?

The Multi-purpose Pool ranges from 4-12 ft deep. The Rec Pool ranges from 3.5-5 ft deep. The Spa is 3-3.5 ft deep.

What are the pool temperatures?

The following temperature guidelines will be used:
  • Multi-purpose Pool: 80-82 degrees
  • Rec Pool: 84-86 degrees
  • Spa: 102-104 degrees

Please keep in mind these temperatures are guidelines. There are factors that affect the pool temperatures that are out of the control of staff.

Does the Student Recreation Center hold kayak classes?

Absolutely. We host kayak practice sessions (no instruction provided) where you can bring your kayak or use ours and practice your rolls in a save environment. Also we will have kayak classes that give you instruction. Visit the Outdoor Program page to find more information.

Does the varsity swim and dive teams workout in the Aquatic Complex?

On occasion the swim team holds practices in the Aquatic Complex, but we will always provide room for our patrons.

What is the dress code for the Aquatic Complex?

All swim participants are required to be in clean, appropriate, and proper swim attire. This will include one and two-piece full-coverage swim suits, jammers, speedos, swim trunks, and board shorts. Attire not allowed include, but are not limited to: running shorts, sports bras, athletic shorts, compression shorts, boxer shorts, or cotton shirts/shorts of any kind.

Are people allowed to bring their children to the Aquatic Complex?

Children are allowed in the Aquatic Complex during family hours or special children-friendly events/activities such as swim lessons.

Will I be able to use the Aquatic Complex in the summer?

Absolutely. The area is treated just like the Student Recreation Center. If students are not taking classes over the summer there is a small fee to use the Student Recreation Center including the pools.

Are non-Boise State students allowed to use the Aquatic Complex?

Any Student Recreation Center member (student, faculty, staff, alumni) has access to the pool. As with the rest of our facilities, a Student Recreation Center member is allowed to purchase up to two day passes for guests.

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