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Premium Fitness Classes


Premium Passes

Premium fitness classes were designed with you in mind. Yes, they cost a little extra, but you get more than you pay for. Smaller classes, more attention and one-on-one feedback from some of the most highly trained fitness instructors in the valley. Can’t make up your mind on which class to choose? Why choose? Try them all.

Purchase passes at the front desk inside the Student Rec Center. Passes change each semester. Fall passes are available for purchase at our front desk starting Monday August 21st. Fall passes expire Friday December 15th.

Premium Classes

  • TRX+: TRX+ focuses on an alternative approach to fitness using suspension training. Expect to participate in variety of exercises related to upper/lower body, core, and cardio.
    • Mondays at 12pm.
  • Bootcamp: Work through a variety of fun and challenging obstacle-centered stations and courses to enhance your agility, strength, coordination, and cardio abilities. Time will fly by as your brain and body stays engaged in this functional workout!
    • Tuesdays at 12pm
  • Boise Strong: Learn the basics of strength and conditioning, while getting a blasting total body circuit class for ALL Fitness levels!!
    • Wednesdays at 12pm
  • Hybrid F.I.T.: Total body class focused on functional interval training (F.I.T) using various workout modalities ranging from free weights to suspension trainers. Come ready to work hard!
    • Thursdays at 12pm
  • Kettlebells: Want to learn how to properly use a kettlebell? This 50 minute class will teach you proper technique and tons of innovative moves all using kettlebells.
    • Fridays at 12pm



If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the Premium Fitness Program please contact Kyle Dean at (208) 426-5644 or