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If your Boise State University ID number and last name (default login) do not work to get you into our system, you may not have all the information necessary to create an online account. The following is an explanation of each link you will find on this page.

Screenshot of log in page

If you have an account with us, but you’ve forgotten your password, get a reminder e-mail. This will take you to following page. Just enter your e-mail address and click submit to be sent a reminder e-mail.

Screenshot of forgotten password form

If you are unsure of your User Name or Password you may also wish to contact our office. This link will take you to the following page, which can be used to contact our office.

Screenshot of contact form

If you’re a brand new patron with us, register for a new account. Clicking this link will take you through the registration and account creation process. DO NOT USE THIS LINK IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED IN A CAMPUS RECREATION ACTIVITY OR PROGRAM.

Screenshot of signup form

If you have any questions regarding these processes, or any other function of our online registration, please call (208) 426-1131 or e-mail