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How To Register

When you initially log in, you are able to search for activities and Intramural Sports (IM) sorted by activity type. By selecting a type and sub-type you are able to further narrow your search.
Screenshot of registration page
When you select the activity type (and sub-type) you can click search. Any available activity or IM sport that meets that criteria will be listed on the following screen. There will also be a brief description of the activity. Along with the description there will be a few icons that may provide more information about a specific activity you have selected.

Icons with explanations

To select the activity, click on the shopping cart icon. If registration is not available you will see an “!” icon.

After clicking on the shopping cart icon, the next screen confirms the activity selection. If you want to continue, select the appropriate family member to register and click “Add to Cart.”

Some activities will have questions that you must answer. Please answer all of the questions. Once all questions are answered, the activity will be added to your cart. You must complete the entire checkout procedure to officially register for the selected activity, even if the activity is free.

If you navigate away from the initial screen, you can return to the activity and IM search menu by selecting “Search,” “Activity/IM Sports,” and then “Description” on the top menu bar.

If you would like to search for an activity by keyword or time select “Advanced Search.” You may also search by the activity number.

If you have any questions regarding these processes, or any other function of our online registration, please call (208) 426-1131 or e-mail