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Rental Equipment

See Outdoor Rental Center terms and policies. We are also happy to announce we now rent SUPs and River Tubes.

Camping Equipment

Backpacking Stove (ISO butane stove - fuel not included)$3$4
2-Person Backpacking Tent$8$13
3-Person Backpacking Tent$10$14
4-Person Backpacking Tent$11$15
4-Person Front Country Tent$9$13
Bow Saw - Portable Camp Saw$2$4
2-Burner Stove (propane - not included)$5$8.50
0°F Sleeping Bag $8$11
20°F Sleeping Bag$6.50$9
35°F Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Pad$2$3.50
Dutch Oven (12" or 10")$4$6.50


Paddle package includes: life jacket, paddle, pump, throwbag, and repair kit.
Row package includes: three life jackets, three oars, pump, throwbag, repair kit, and frame. The 15′ and 14′ also get a cooler.
15' Paddle Raft (9P)$65$78
14' Paddle Raft (7P)$60$75
13' Paddle Raft (6P)$55$70
Super Puma Paddle (5P)$50$65
Puma Paddle (4P)$45$55
15' Row (10' oars, cooler)$68$87
14' Row (9' oars, cooler)$65$82
13' Row (9' oars)$60$75
Super Puma Row (8' oars)$55$70
Puma Row (7' oars)$50$60
Any frame with 3 oars$20$25

Raft and Kayak Accessories

Cargo Net$3$4.50
Cargo Platform$3$4.50
Cooler (94 qt.)$7.50$10.50
Dry Box (Large, 13.5W x 13.5H x 361L)$7.50$10
Dry Bag (109 liters)$4$6
Fire Pan (3" deep)$4$6
Kayak Paddle (Fiberglass)$7$9
Kayak Spray Skirt$6$7
Life Jacket (Type V, Raft)$3$5
Life Jacket (Type III, Kayak)$3$5
Oars (8', 9', 10')$5$6.50
Raft Paddle$3$4
Standard River Tube$3$5
Deluxe River Tube$5$7
Premium River Tube$7$10
Roll-up Table$4.50$6.50
Splash Jacket$4$6.50
Whitewater Helmet$2$3.50
Strap Bag$5$9
Side Dry Box (Captain Box) (smaller) - (12"x10"x21.5")$5.50$7.50
Groover Setup ($100 fee if not fully cleaned)$11$13
Spare Groover Tank$7$10
NRS Wing$6$9
Set of 4 straps any size$1.50$2.50


NRS Earl 4 Inflatable Paddle Board Package (includes SUP, lifejacket, paddle, storage bag, pump)$30$45
NRS Baron 6 Inflatable Paddle Board Package (includes SUP, lifejacket, paddle, storage bag, pump)$30$45


1-Person Inflatable Kayak ( 1 PFD, helmet, pump, repair kit)$25$35
2-Person Inflatable Kayak ( 2 PFDs, helmets, pump, repair kit)$35$45
Hard Shell Kayak$22$27
Hard Shell Kayak Package ( PFD, paddle, helmet, float bags, and kayak)$27$38


16' We-no-nah Touring Canoe Package (PFDs, paddles, canoe blocks, straps, and canoe)$25$35
Mad River Legend 15' Canoe Package (PFDs, paddles, canoe blocks, straps, and canoe)$25$35


Bouldering Crash Pad$5.50$8
Climbing Helmet$2$3
Climbing Shoes$4$6.50
Ice Axe$4$6

Winter Equipment

Avalanche Safety Kit (beacon, shovel, probe - AAA batteries not included)$13$25
Climbing Skins Backcountry Ski - Ascension$10$15
Ski Jacket or Pants$5$10
Snowshoes - Kids$4$9
Snowshoe Package (snowshoe, overboots, poles)$12$16
Snow Saw$2$3
Snow Shovels$3$5
Gear Sled - Backcountry Ski$11$20
Telemark Skis$12$20
Telemark Ski Boots$8$15
Telemark Ski Package (skis, boots, poles)$16$21
Snowboard Package (board and boots)$16$30
Snowboard Only$10$15
Snowboard Boots Only$7.50$15
Cross Country Ski Package (skis, boots, poles)$9$15
Cross Country Ski Package - Kids (skis, boots, poles, SNS bindings)$7$10
Cross Country Ski Boots (NNN binding compatible)$4$7
Cross Country Poles$2$5
Cross Country Skis (NNN Binding)$6$10
Backcountry Ski Poles$4$6
Skate Skis Package (skis, boots, poles)t$14$20

Sports Equipment

Disc Golf (3 disc set)$3$6
Tug o' War Rope$4$7
Volleyball Set$8$12