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Locker Rentals

Locker Rooms

This facility houses both men’s and women’s locker rooms equipped with wheelchair-accessible showers, toilets, and saunas.  Lockers can be rented at the Service Desk in the Student Recreation Center.   A private family and gender neutral changing room with shower is also available to patrons at any time.  This locker room is located between the women’s locker room and the hallway entrance to the Aquatics Complex

Locker Rental

All rental lockers include towel service. Lockers in the locker rooms are available for rent on a semester basis or annually for members with an annual membership.  Currently, our Men’s Locker room full-size lockers are completely rented out. There is no waitlist or holds on lockers. Members seeking a full-size locker must wait to see if any full-size lockers become available at the end of locker clean out.

1/3 Tier
(Locker Room location)
1/3 Tier
(Hallway location)
1/2 Tier
(Locker Room location)
1/2 Tier
(Hallway location)
Full Size Locker$100$50
Locker Item Retrieval Fee$5$5
Lost Key Fee (hallway lockers)$30$30

Day Use Lockers

Selection of hallway lockers are free of cost for day use only. Lockers can be locked using a regular padlock. Patrons can bring their own or purchase one at the Equipment Desk. If you choose not to lock your locker, Campus Recreation is not liable for any lost or stolen items.  All items must be removed at the end of each day. Locks found at the end of the day will be clipped. A selection of 1/3rds and half sized lockers are also available for day use in each locker room. The lockers are clearly marked with our Day Use stickers that are blue. In order to use these lockers, patrons must provide their own lock.

There are also coin-operated lockers throughout the building that patrons can use for day use. A quarter is required to open up the lock. A key is then released to allow you to lock up your item. If the key is lost a $30 lost key fee is charged to the patron.

Locker Clean-out

Members are personally responsible for their locker and its contents. When locker rental expires, all items must be removed from the locker. Any items left in the locker after the rental term expires will be collected and a $5 fee will be assessed to retrieve these items. If items are not claimed within 30 days after the term expires, they will be disposed of or donated. Fines are equatable with replacement or repair will be assessed for any damage to the locker. Campus Recreation is not responsible for items stored in lockers or locker rooms.