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Towel Service

Beginning January 14, 2019, towel service will now include access to both shower and sweat towels.

Forgot your towel card? No problem, leave that towel card at home! Towels will now be checked out and tracked electronically on your member profile. See below for the towel check out process.

Towel Service Check Out Process

To receive a shower towel or sweat towel:

  1. Visit the Equipment Desk and hand your member ID to our staff or scan your member ID on your mobile device using our new Rec Center mobile app.
  2. Request a shower towel, sweat towel, or both. Only two towels may be checked out under your member profile at one time.
  3. Done with your towel? Return to the Equipment Desk and notify the staff member that you are returning your towel(s) and drop the towel(s) in our towel drop-off bin.
  4. Our staff will locate your member profile and record that your towel(s) has been returned.
  5. Rec Center members with towel service are responsible for returning their towels. For lost towels, a $5.00 fee per towel will be assessed.

***Towel service is a complimentary product sold to members with a current locker rental.

Towel Service ProductCost
Day Rental (shower and sweat towel)$1.00
Semester Towel Service (shower and sweat towel)