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Towel Service

There are two towel services available for you at Campus Recreation. We want to provide you with the convenience and consistent service. We hope the variety of options will fit your needs best. This service is available without the rental of a locker. You will receive a towel/towel card at the beginning of this contract.

Shower Towels can be rented (Term or Annually) by purchasing a Shower Towel Card service. You may also rent out a Shower Towel, but must return it at the end of your use.

Sweat Towels can be rented (Term or Annually) by purchasing a Sweat Towel Card service. You may also purchase a Sweat Towel for $2.50 and keep the towel.

Use your Towel Card/Towel to be exchanged for a clean towel at the Equipment Desk after each use. A $5 fee will be incurred for lost, unreturned, or damaged towels. At the end of the service contract, you must check your towel in with the facility manager on duty or be charged for a lost towel. If you have towel card, the card will expire automatically. Staff will ask you to renew your service if you choose to continue and a new card will be given to you.

Day: Shower Towel$.50
Term: Shower/Sweat Towel
Annual: Shower/Sweat Towel
Day: Sweat Towel$2.50